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Jan. 2nd, 2009 08:15 pm
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Class #1: Make your Own TV Show. Yes, I mean it.
Class #2: Okay that didn't go so well. Why not?
Class #3: Choosing what show you want to do
Class #4: Get me some coffee, and the further adventures of the PA
Class #5: Like the library, but really really fast: Researching
Class #6: Before the rewrites: Writing your script
Class #7: After the rewrites: Rewrites
Class #8: Directing: It's What Everyone really wants to do anyway
Class #9: You Shoulda Been in Pictures: Screen testing
Class #10: Editing: Yeah, this is all about the glamour
Class #11: Rehearsal: Getting those kinks out before you go on. Good luck with that.
Class #12: AISHGAUHDAHSD: Dealing with those last-minute fires
Class #13: Showtime!: Filming
Class # 14: Look ma! I'm on TV!: Watching the finished product

AVAILABILITY NOTE: I work from 6:30-3:00 PST. There is occasionally overtime and I don't always know ahead of time. I don't have access, so totally feel free to talk amongst yourselves in the discussion portion. Share ideas, collaborate, argue points (though if you get heated, Dana'll have to intervene). The more talk, the more Dana'll like you all.

Anyone late or mouthy can certainly earn themselves detention. At any point you can ping in the OOC thread to let me know you want one, and if you're toeing the line, I'll give you a heads-up.


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